We help independent riders explore Africa on our motorbikes.

Let us know what you're thinking of...doesn't matter what stage of planning (or non-planning) you're at...we're eager to help you put together the trip of a lifetime ! 
TomotoTours is based in Nairobi, and run by Tony Oyier...a rider who has been chased by brazen goats, shed manly tears over a Nile sunset, and stepped in elephant dung numerous times, all in the name of exploring Africa.

The Corona virus has pretty much changed our lives for the next couple of months, perhaps years.

I pray that you are safe and healthy, wherever in the world you are.

Given all the uncertainty around us I hope that your foundation, what you draw your strength or faith from...be it God, family, friendship, community and so on, remains intact.

We have suspended our operations until at least the end of July 2020. However, if you have any questions regarding a ride you are planning for after then, or even just a story or joke to share please get in touch at any time - talking with you will be a welcome break from the screaming headlines.

Keep safe


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